Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring is in the Air

It's already April and I am not sure where the time has gone. The winter has finally gone to rest and the birds are returning. The daffodils are blooming and I am grateful for another day.

In the midst of planning an awesome retreat and it's getting excited as time gets closer. Our spiritual community is attracting more like minded people who are loving, supportive and plugging in. My practitioner students, nervous nellies, are getting ready to take their exams. I KNOW they will all pass with flying colors but I understand their angst.

My husband is in remission and our doctor appointment next week is sure to confirm this is still true. I am committed to finding a new place to live, to pay off the very few bills I have and to hire someone to expand my personal reach-- out into the larger community. In turn, this will grow our center.

Today I am resting and enjoying my day off. I am watching the birds that we feed and my cats napping in their favorite spots. I feel blessed.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A New Year; A Fresh Start

2015--hard to believe. It seems to be moving so fast! I want to slow things down, savor every minute but it seems the real challenge is to find/make the time to stop and savor along the way. The world will keep on turning. It's up to me to set my priorities and create the space in which I will have the time to do the things that are important to me.

This year, I am committing to eating healthier, taking better care of myself and finding ways to bring my gifts and talents to a larger community. I want to keep myself healthy as I age and will find more ways to enhance the good health Spirit has blessed me with.

I will start each day in prayer and meditation, not just end my day that way. Today, is the first day of the rest of my life and I celebrate today!

I am on the hunt for a new living situation. My goal is to find a place to purchase and move by the beginning of 2016. I am resolved to attract more wonderful souls into our spiritual community so we can build, grow and bring more to the community at large. I will become more consciously aware that I am the way God expresses-- in this time, in this place and I will remind myself that I am the light, life and love of Spirit.

I will live everyday in an attitude of gratitude as I remember that God works for me, never against me-- and that when situations show up that my ego mind is not thrilled with, these are opportunities for me to heal those parts of myself which still need to be healed. I am blessed to be able to recognize this truth.

So, today, is a fresh start, a new year, a clean slate and I embrace the good that is unfolding.

Thank you Spirit; and so it is!