Tuesday, December 27, 2011

As the year comes to an end

It's always amazing to me when a year comes to an end. It seems to have gone by so quickly. This has been a year of great change and challenge. While I certainly would have liked it to be easier, more peaceful and less stressful, I must say, I am grateful for all of it!

When we really reflect on our lives, we realize how abundantly blessed we really are. With all of lifes trials and challenges, it's a wonderful gift-- made to share with those we love. We must see through the eyes of love, having the faith of God, not just faith in God.

Health and love-- that is what is really important. These are the things that mean something. Everything else is a temporary illusion--

I am happy I am aware and becoming more aware each and every moment. I am grateful for the people in my life and for all the good I have. I recognize I am blessed. As the year comes to a close, the most important question is Did I love enough? I know I can do better and my only resolution is to give more love in 2012 and show it in more ways.

Thank you, God, for all my good and all my blessings. Thank you, God for all the wonderful people in my life. Thank you God for another year of health and energy to do that which I desire.

I know that 2012 is going to be the best year ever and I look forward to more and more growth, abundance and blessings.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's hard to believe it's almost Thanksgiving. The weeks are flying by and I will soon return to my daytime job. I am so grateful for the time I have had to be home during the day. I have had time to catch up on all the things I don't always get to do: spiritual center stuff, meet up with friends, see my family, clean out and sort out at home. I am changing the energy by releasing and letting go of those things which no longer serve me.

My son's birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. I can not believe we are both a year older. Today, I am just reflecting on my life and wondering where it has all gone. Today, I pray to have many more years in this human experience. I am so grateful for my husband, my friends and all the good I have and the more which is unfolding. I feel blessed. Thank you God

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love is Forever

I lost my dear sweet kitty girl today. She was one of the loves of my life. Found on the street when she was just a baby kitten, she was so happy to have a home with me. For sixteen years, she slept with me, ate with me, followed me around, sat with me and showered me with love. I will miss her more than words can articulate.

The only solace I have is knowing I gave her a good life-- lots of love, lots of attention and lots of the food she loved to eat. In the end, she was beginning to have problems breathing and I knew she would not be with me in physical form much longer.

She will, however, always be in my heart and mind. The love we shared is forever. I'd like to think I might see her again, on the other side. My mandy girl, mommy loves you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life Keeps Moving Forward

Today, I am reflecting on my journey, as my birthday is this month and yet another year has ended and a new one begins. Somehow, I just can not believe I am as old as I am. Funny, I feel the same as I always did. (Thank God for that-- ) but when I see my 40 year old son, it is a reminder that I am no longer 30!

I know that part of my journey has indeed been about the wisdom I have gained, an understanding of the healing required in and by me for myself, and a true appreciation of the good in others and the good in life. I have come to one conclusion: this human experience is a gift. We must enjoy each and every moment. We can not allow the judgments of our ego to cloud over and make assumptions about anything which unfolds. Rather, we need to give thanks for ALL that unfolds. Each and every experience is FOR us, never against us. We must always quiet our minds and remember the Truth of who we are. How we see it is really up to us. When we really recognize and KNOW that there is good and more good, regardless of what it looks like, we come to a peace beyond all understanding.

Today, I am in gratitude-- for each and every step of my journey and the more which is unfolding. I recognize that how I think is up to me and I think I am blessed. I send blessings to you as well.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


An interesting experience this week. For a year, I planned on attending an annual conference of our international organization on the west coast. Being furloughed a few months ago, I was not sure I should spend the funds. But, I was provided a discount airfare ticket and decided to move forward, rather than lose the price I had already paid for the conference.

Little did I know that the ticket I received was a "stand by" ticket. Needless to say, I did not get on my intended flight. It was sold out. The airline tried to re-route my trip but after 16 hours in 2 airports, they were not able to get me to where I was supposed to go.

So, I asked to be sent back home. I was very disappointed and frustrated. If that weren't enough, my cell phone died and the airline lost my luggage. I was given the opportunity to try again 2 days later-- I declined. When we are pushing the river, it should be a signal to us, that something is not right. Life should unfold easily, effortlessly, gracefully and when it does not, we need to be aware and tune in to what is taking place.

So, home I came. After 5 days, they finally located my luggage-- thank goodness for that. I am waiting for the good in all this to be revealed to me as I know there must be some good in it. I am grateful for my ability to surrender, let it go and move on to the next adventure on the journey. It's all good, cause it's all God-- all the time. And so it is!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Life is a Gift

It’s funny how much we take our human experience for granted. I do not believe every soul has a ‘human’ experience.  I believe this human form--this journey is a gift. There is no other experience quite like this one. We are, without question, the life form with the highest level of consciousness on the planet. The only level greater than ours is Spirit. We are, as far as we can prove, the only species which is aware, that it is aware.

Each and everyday presents new opportunities to recognize our life as the gift it truly is. No matter what challenges we face, each day we get to experience this journey. Think about: hugging a loved one; walking barefoot in the grass; swimming in the ocean; sitting under the stars----holding a new born baby.

When life is presenting challenges, stop a moment and take a breath. Step back and take the time to contemplate this life you have been given. Once you do, it’s easy to come back to the joy, the love, the gift, the center.

Today I recognize that there is SO MUCH GOOD; and I am grateful in this moment for all of this journey—that which I consider good and that which I consider a challenge. Each step has taken me upward to greater evolution and awareness. Each step has elevated my consciousness and allowed me to have a broader vision of this path. For this and so much more, I give thanks.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aaaah Perceptions

Isn't it funny that 10 people can all witness the same exact experience, but each will describe it completely differently? This is because each and everyone of us interpret the world through our own lens of perception. This lens, of course, is based on our own life experiences. The education we received, the kind of discipline we were given, the religious (or not) experiences we had, the type of friends we associated with, the places we traveled, the values which were instilled in us, our beliefs, the parents, teachers, peers we had--- all are a part of the person we have become. Each has played, and continues to play, a part of the person we are today. Unless and until we are able to step outside of our ego selves, and recognize this-- until we are able to question the beliefs we have, the ideas we hold dear, we may never live the lives we were meant to live--- abundant, joyful, loving and connected-- the expression of Spirit as this form.

When we are not awake, aware, conscious of this, we live our lives-- many times-- in judgment, victim mentality, or worse, entitlement. Once we begin to raise our level of awareness, we come to understand and accept that each and every one of us is truly the same-- because indeed we are one. We come from the same seed of creation. We can come to a new place of realizing that we are WAY MORE than our experiences or beliefs. We are a spark of the Divine, made into this human form to evolve into a greater understanding of our own responsibility in the lives we create and the roles we play in the global community of humankind. When we can say that our perceptional differences really make no difference at all; that we can still act in compassion, love, kindness and generosity; when we come to this place of truth and understanding-- then we will have created heaven here on earth. I commit today to continuing this path of exploration, personal work and conscious evolution to bring forth to the universe more of the Truth of who I am. Today, I recognize my connection to all life and I commit to live and act in love. Are you ready to join me?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

As I enjoy a leisurely day off work, I reflect on the reason I am at home. As a nation we recognize this day as a day to remember those we love who have left this plane. Specifically, we remember those who have served our country and given their human lives so that we might maintain "control" over the way we show up in the world. Some might wonder why I say it in this way-- I do not believe having 'freedom' requires the loss of lives in today's world. I do not believe peace and wellbeing are the result of war and killing.

I believe we can live in a world where we agree to disagree-- nothing more, nothing less. I don't think our loved ones need to die for some perceived ideas of right and wrong. No one is right and no one is wrong. The Truth is, we are all ONE! When I hurt my brother or sister, I truly hurt myself.

Today, I give thanks and send deep gratitude and blessings to all the souls who so valiantly served. I send this out to their loved ones as well. Today, I pray-- conscious, heartfelt prayer-- that all of the leaders of the world learn to live in peace, harmony and integrity;  that each finds within him or herself the awareness that there is a new way of 'being' in the world. There is a way of peace and balance, which does not require killing, death and war.

Today I pray, dear Spirit, that the Infinite Wisdom that is You, bubbles up within the minds and hearts of all who lead; that they come to a clear understanding that ALL the people of the world want peace and harmony; we are willing to share the resources our dear Mother Earth provides and that we can live as one humanity. Knowing this is so, I simply say THANK YOU Spirit-- Creator of all-- for the spark of divine awakened within each and every one. I release my prayer, I allow it to unfold and am confident that it is unfolding right here and now-- and so it is!