Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Up To Me

The more I study and learn, the more I know that everything is up to me! It's all my perceptions. I create my own experiences by the way I view them, by the way I respond in thought, actions, intentions. This human experience is an illusion because each of us decides. Our perceptions create our reality. But my awareness needs to be focused on the WHAT of my life, not the HOW. My attention needs to be on the processes of what I do. The content is much less important than the how I proceed with that which takes place.

My resolution this year is to just continue to be more and more aware of my whats and commit to aligning them with that which I truly desire.

I know I can do this with grace and ease because I am made out of and filled with infinite potential. This potentiality is instilled in me by my creator-- the Universal Source of all life. The Divine Spark of Spirit is within me. Spirit is the ocean; I am the wave. All that is in the ocean is certainly in the wave.

I am grateful for this realization and my ongoing willingness to practice it more fully than ever before. I SAY YES and THANK YOU for this revelation guides my life.