Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rain, Rain & More Rain

For days now, it has been raining-- a constant, steady downpour which has caused flood watches all over the state. People are being warned to be mindful about their travels. Urged to stay out of water if they don't know how deep it is, people avoid listening and drive through the standing water anyway. So, emergency crews are called out to "save" them from their stranded vehicles. Watching some of them on television, they all say the same thing, "I knew I should not have attempted to drive through the water".

We humans get lots of messages, lots of warnings--why is it many times we do not listen? The ego is so strong it often overrides our inner messages that tell us what we should or should not do. Our inner knowing is the voice of Spirit within speaking to us. This is what we need to tap into! When we receive these "messages", we need to open our inner ear and LISTEN. We need to heed the information and act on it. In my experience, when I have received these messages and not acted on them, I have always been sorry because deep down, I knew that I knew better and should have followed that still small voice within.

The answers to all of our conditions/situations, are right where we are. The answers are within us as we are connected to the Intelligence of the Universe. The Power that God is, is right where we are! All we need do is get quiet, still our mind chatter and listen. The answers bubble up from within and when we act on them, we are moving in a divinely guided way.

I have learned to listen. I am always grateful when I do. For today, I just say thank you for the rain. It has allowed me to stay inside and get some things done. I say thank you for the rain that I did not have to drive through. I say thank you for the rain because it could have been snow!! LOL--