Saturday, August 6, 2011


An interesting experience this week. For a year, I planned on attending an annual conference of our international organization on the west coast. Being furloughed a few months ago, I was not sure I should spend the funds. But, I was provided a discount airfare ticket and decided to move forward, rather than lose the price I had already paid for the conference.

Little did I know that the ticket I received was a "stand by" ticket. Needless to say, I did not get on my intended flight. It was sold out. The airline tried to re-route my trip but after 16 hours in 2 airports, they were not able to get me to where I was supposed to go.

So, I asked to be sent back home. I was very disappointed and frustrated. If that weren't enough, my cell phone died and the airline lost my luggage. I was given the opportunity to try again 2 days later-- I declined. When we are pushing the river, it should be a signal to us, that something is not right. Life should unfold easily, effortlessly, gracefully and when it does not, we need to be aware and tune in to what is taking place.

So, home I came. After 5 days, they finally located my luggage-- thank goodness for that. I am waiting for the good in all this to be revealed to me as I know there must be some good in it. I am grateful for my ability to surrender, let it go and move on to the next adventure on the journey. It's all good, cause it's all God-- all the time. And so it is!