Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday, 2012

It's early Sunday morning and I am having my coffee before I go to church. It's a day in which I get to reflect upon the magnificence that Spirit is and the blessings I am so grateful to receive. Life is eternal and this physical form is just an illusion-- a journey in growth, awareness, learning. My prayer is to continue to grow in my conscious evolution to become the best human being I can be.

My prayer today is to allow my conscious awareness to be reborn and recognize the Truth of my being. I am perfectly fine exactly where I am, all is well in my world, regardless of any conditions which show up. I give thanks for all that I am learning, I give thanks for all the good in my life, I give thanks for the abundant blessings God has and continues to bestow.-- health, love, good relationships, peace, a nice place to live, a hot shower in the morning. There is SO much to be grateful for. I rest in this knowing and release all the rest. I surrender to the truth that I am fine right here and right now. And all we have is right NOW. Thank you Spirit.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is in the air

It's only the first half of March, yet the weather is 70 degrees and spring is in the air. I am busy tilling the soil in my flower boxes, cleaning off my balcony and getting ready for the glorious months of spring. How I love to watch nature return from its winter's rest. How much joy I get from the birds coming to my feeder, the flowers bursting up through the earth. The splendid colors that will be lighting up my neighborhood.

Regardless of what is going on in my life, God's bounty is always present. I see it, I hear it, I smell it, I taste it and I love all of it. I feel blessed today for time to put my hands in mother earth, time to do little chores that allow me to shift my energy into the newly evolving season. Spirit is good, all the time. Today, I take the time to just notice, tune in and be grateful for just being in this human form, at this time, in this place. Life is beautiful.