Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Life is a Gift

It’s funny how much we take our human experience for granted. I do not believe every soul has a ‘human’ experience.  I believe this human form--this journey is a gift. There is no other experience quite like this one. We are, without question, the life form with the highest level of consciousness on the planet. The only level greater than ours is Spirit. We are, as far as we can prove, the only species which is aware, that it is aware.

Each and everyday presents new opportunities to recognize our life as the gift it truly is. No matter what challenges we face, each day we get to experience this journey. Think about: hugging a loved one; walking barefoot in the grass; swimming in the ocean; sitting under the stars----holding a new born baby.

When life is presenting challenges, stop a moment and take a breath. Step back and take the time to contemplate this life you have been given. Once you do, it’s easy to come back to the joy, the love, the gift, the center.

Today I recognize that there is SO MUCH GOOD; and I am grateful in this moment for all of this journey—that which I consider good and that which I consider a challenge. Each step has taken me upward to greater evolution and awareness. Each step has elevated my consciousness and allowed me to have a broader vision of this path. For this and so much more, I give thanks.