Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow is in the Air

For the past day it has snowed and rained and sleeted and snowed some more. What resulted was 15"-24" of white blanketed everywhere. I love the beauty of the snow but not so much the clean up required.

I am supposed to leave town in two days to go to the sunshine state. I am really not so excited like many of my colleagues. I would be just as happy to stay home in the cold weather. The sun was shining all day and melted the residual ice left on the walkways. It actually felt warm.

It will seem a bit strange to be in 80 degree weather in a couple of days after the last two weeks of close to zero. Trying to figure how to pack and hope to see Mickey while I am there.

Stay safe and warm wherever you are--Happy Valentine's day--blessings, Iris

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