Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year my family will all be together for the holiday. I am so very grateful for this. It's been several years since we have all been together. I am a bit sad as I reflect on the fact that we are the "older generation" now. My mother's siblings are almost all gone and those who are left are not in touch with us. I have reached out many times, but we cannot control how others respond to us.

So, what remains is my immediate family: my sister, brother and me and our spouses, children and grandchildren. I think we have come to a place in our respective lives where we can appreciate and enjoy each other and just let go of anything other than that.

So, I choose a day of love, celebration and joy. In truth, there is nothing else. Thank you God for my family. As the turkey is cooking, today, I feel truly blessed.

I send heartfelt joy to you and yours for a truly wonderful day of love and gratitude.