Sunday, April 28, 2013


The older I get, the more I realize what is truly important on this journey. While I, like many others, love nice THINGS, I reaalize that what is really important are the relationships-- family, friends and strangers alike. We are always bringing into our experiences exactly what is necessary for our soul's evolution.

It never seems to show up exactly the way we think it will.... it usually doesn't. We must remember that!  It may show up as something completely different. It may show up as an experience we'd rather NOT HAVE. Then we have to ask ourselves, what am I to learn from this experience?  Is this situation or person who is in my life pushing my buttons here to give ME an opportunity to ask myself, WHY (is this pushing my buttons)?  What about this situation or person is making me feel this way? Where is my growing edge? Am I willing to see there is some gift in this for me and my growth?

If I can recognize this, my life is always perfect because I know that each and every situation (regardless of what my ego mind tells me) is an opportunity for me to evolve and grow.

I say thank you to the guy who cut me off in traffic; he shows me that there is no rush, there is no hurry. I can just slow down; it's not a race. I can look at my job evaluation (which I thought would be better)  as an opportunity to recognize, I am NOT my job; the evaluation does NOT define who I am.  I am WAY MORE THAN THAT!

I choose to savor each and every moment. This NOW is all there is and I am so grateful to have it. This human experience is filled with so many wonderful experiences.

Today, I choose to live in the moment to moment awareness that my life is unfolding in divine, right order and each experience delivers some morsel of good, for which I can be grateful. And so it is.